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COVID-19 has created such an upheaval that we are all trying to navigate in uncharted territory. It has never been so challenging, but with opportunities galore it has never been as exciting.

The Lockdown has given us time to pause and reflect. We have time and again lamented the fact that we have become ‘an over-schooled society’ with very little education. Now is the opportunity to reimagine education, reiterate its true purpose and identify ways of ensuring wholistic development of all learners especially in these trying times.

There is a move towards reopening  schools, and in many countries they have already started phased reopening. But there is uncertainty, confusion and complications. Everyone is asking questions about safety, health concerns and reopening protocol but there are no clear answers. Even governments, world leaders and experts seem to have divergent views. But one thing is certain – there are going to be changes in the way we live and the way we learn.

In such a scenario it seems important that we, as school leaders, put our heads together to figure out the way forward for education and nurturing the learners. We need to equip ourselves to deal with the change and the new normal. We must collectively figure out what we should be doing - at the very least, come up with different possibilities and choose the ones that fit our individual circumstances the best.

It is with this intent that we invited the participants of School Leaders’ Retreat 2018 to reconnect in a virtual space for School Leaders' Retreat 2020 on July 8 and 9, and along with Arun Kapur, Gaurav Saklani and Saroj Thapa to think of the various possibilities for the future of learning and how to lead the change.

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