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Asia Pacific Schools initiative

Asia Pacific Schools initiative

The Asia-Pacific Schools Initiative is an educational programme that brings together students and teachers of the Asia-Pacific region to create a network of future leaders, developing and nurturing in each one of them the capacity to exercise “Leadership through Serene Strength”.

The programme envisages an approach to leadership that includes and goes beyond self, school, local community and inter-country levels. It is a nuanced integration of self and the surrounding world.

Leadership through Serene Strength refers to the development of leaders who bear the watermarks of rigour, compassion and resilience. Together with these watermarks, Leadership through Serene Strength requires mastery of core skills of comprehension, collaboration and assessment.

Developing the watermarks and core skills to build Serene Strength is a tough and demanding process, akin to the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. This process of extending oneself beyond boundaries leads to a metamorphosis within. It enables one to emerge as a leader who has inner calm and equanimity and create positive change in the world.

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APSI 2019

The Foundation Programme of the Asia Pacific Schools Initiative programme, ‘Leadership through Serene Strength,’ was conducted in January 6 - 19, 2019. Schools from Thailand, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates participated along with seven schools from Delhi, Ajmer and Jhalawar and the Tibetan Children’s Village,...

APSI 2017

The design of APSI 2017 comprised of a foundation programme with all the participants coming together for about two weeks. It was followed by an online component which lasted for about eight months and at the end there was a concluding programme which again brought everyone together for presenting completed projects to a larger audience and bringing a...