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Explore Culture magazine is an initiative of India-Bhutan Youth Summit (IBYS) 2019 participants. The purpose of this online magazine is to collate and showcase views and thoughts of youth of India and Bhutan. The magazine seeks to represent the diversity of heritage and cultural expressions, which will lead to the promotion of intercultural dialogue and strengthening of international cooperation through the effective involvement of human and social potential. The magazine also provides a unique platform for youth actors to discuss the challenges and perspectives of cultural and other relevant policies, thereby contributing to the enhancement of cultural policy coherence at all levels for sustainable development.

The contributors are mainly, but not confined to, participants of the India-Bhutan Youth Summit, which was organized by CEP (Center of Escalation for Peace) and RIGSS (Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic Studies). The variety of themes, but not limited to, include: Art & Culture, Science & Technology, Education & Leadership, and Economy & Sustainability.

Basic Criterion

  1. Participant must be between 14 and 27 years of age
  2. Article submitted must be of at least 500 words in English
  3. Two original and relevant high resolution pictures per article, preferably clicked or drawn by author or associate, and not from stock images
  4. No more than one contribution per publication
  5. The articles must not be politically incorrect or defamatory in nature. They must respect the values and ethos of the India-Bhutan relationship

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