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Explore Culture Fourth Edition

This issue has been dedicated to travel and lifestyle. It is possible that the one thing that we have missed the most during 2020 has been traveling. Travel has been central in helping people explore the cultures of other countries and develop understanding and tolerance towards other cultures. The best way to immerse yourself in another culture and look at things from someone else’s ‘shoes’ is to travel in them.

Explore Culture Third Edition

This issue of Explore Culture celebrates the work of women leaders from various fields in India and Bhutan. We recognize that the next generation of collaborators, leaders and other prominent people in the world will include women taking center stage. The women celebrated in this issue have contributed extensively to various fields including writing, direction, cooking, acting, research, education, travel and a variety of other fields.

Explore Culture Second Edition

The Independence Day Edition of the Explore Culture magazine brings together a range of topics written by the participants of the India-Bhutan Youth Summit, 2019. Since all the articles are written by the youth, Explore Culture is an interesting amalgamation of ideas which reflect on trends among the youth of both the countries.

Explore Culture First Edition

The Republic Day Edition of the Explore Culture magazine brings together a range of topics like culture, music, cinema, history, travel, leadership, business, politics, economy, sustainability and climate change. All the articles in the magazine focus on the countries: India and Bhutan. Tha magazine aims to make citizens in both India and Bhutan more aware about their own culture as well as expose them to interesting knowledge about the neighbouring countries’ culture.

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