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CEP Webinar with IBYS participants, July 2020

CEP Webinar with IBYS participants, July 2020

The pandemic has changed the landscape of how we communicate and connect with one another. With social distancing as the prevailing norm for the foreseeable future, we need to look for ways to reach out to people and form meaningful bonds. How are the youth navigating this new terrain? How has the pandemic affected them and what are their main concerns?

The webinar sought to respond to some of these pertinent questions by bringing together the alumni of India-Bhutan Youth Summit to discuss the current situation and share their experiences and insights. Through this platform, we hoped to understand how the youth is viewing the current situation and identify opportunities for young people, particularly in India and Bhutan, to take care of themselves, support each other, and help their communities during the pandemic and beyond.

The webinar had two moderators, Akanksha Jadhav from India and Phuntshok Dechen Yangchen from Bhutan, who set the tone for the webinar and moderated the discussions. There were six speakers, three from India and Bhutan each, who gave their insights on various issues pertaining to the youth and the pandemic. The broad areas of discussion and the corresponding speakers were:

●  Issues/challenges due to or exacerbated by COVID-19 – Thukten Sherab (Bhutan), Aakash Goel (India)

●  Good practices and inspiring efforts in respective countries and across the globe – Kinley Seldon (Bhutan), Muhammed Jaseel C K (India)

●  Opportunities and way forward – Nimrat Kaur (India), Sawan Nepal (Bhutan)


These discussions were followed by a Q&A session. Then, the moderators reiterated the main take-aways from the webinar and thanked everyone for their participation and support.

The audience of the webinar consisted of IBYS alumni as well as their peers who displayed interest in attending the webinar.

To read the detailed report about the webinar, please click here. To watch the webinar, please click here.